Enel X JuicePedestal (7.7kW - 19.2kW)


WiFi-enabled smart EV charging station (Level 2 EVSE). Available in 32/40/48/80

  • Choose between three power options: 32 amp, 40amp, 48amp, 80amp
  • Ships fully assembled with one or two JuiceBox Pro chargers.
  • Choose from 4 configurations: JuicePedestal basic, JuicePedestal with Router (connect up to 7 other JuicePedestal units), JuicePedestal with UPT or JuicePedestal with 2 LTE-enabled JuiceBoxes
  • Allow drivers to easily access and pay via mobile device or optional credit card terminal
  • 20-foot cables with easily accessible 20-foot cables and management system
  • Designed for durability in all-weather conditions
  • Universal Compatibility: SAE-J1772™ compliance
  • Dynamic LED lights show power, connectivity, and charging status
  • 3-year manufacturer's warranty for commercial usage
  • Leverage the JuiceNet Enterprise software for user authentication, additional payment options, and advanced energy management and reporting

JuicePedestal ships in 2 - 4 weeks.

JuicePedestal Data Sheets