Enphase HCS-80 EV Charger with ChargeGuard (15.4kW)

(SKU: HCS-80R-C22-L25-A087-180)

64 A, 15.4 kW, ruggedized connector, key access

Control who can use your charger with key access control. Drivers can insert and turn the key to start charging and take it with them. The vehicle will continue to charge until it’s disconnected. Leave the key in the station for open-access charging. This Level 2 charging station is permanently mounted on a wall or pedestal and is rated for indoor or outdoor use. Charge up to 61 miles of range per hour plugged in with 15.4 kW of power.

Keep equipment organized with a 25 ft charging cable that hangs up neatly on an integrated cable wrap and holster. Cables and connectors stay off the ground and last longer protected from dust, dirt, and rollovers.

Rugged HCS EV Chargers are built for extreme weather conditions and high-traffic use with an impact-resistant J1772 connector and a 5-year limited warranty in the United States. All our EV chargers are safety certified and work with every EV sold in North America.

Enphase HCS-80 data sheet