Enphase IQ-EVSE-50 Charger (9.6kW)

IQ 50 EV Charger

40 A, 9.6 kW, hardwired, ruggedized connector, Wi-Fi enabled

The IQ 50 EV Charger is a rugged, intelligent, and reliable Level 2 EV charger that combines safety and intelligence to provide seamless 9.6 kW EV charging capabilities for residential and commercial establishments.

It integrates flawlessly with an Enphase Energy System by sharing the Enphase App, and installation is simple with Enphase Installer Network.

The tough NEMA 4-rated weatherproof enclosure and 25-foot charging cable allows for flexible indoor or outdoor installation. Rugged design of the charging cables helps the charger resist everyday wear-and-tear. The charger also comes with an industry-leading 5-year limited warranty.

Enphase IQ 50 data sheet