Blink Series 6 Station (7.2kW)

The Series 6 smart EV charging station is designed to enable robust, level 2 EV charging in commercial settings. Its compact form factor and ease of installation make it a great choice for providing up to 30 Amps of charging power. 

This powerful charging station is very flexible and works in various applications – public sector, private sector, or a mix of the two. The Blink Series 6 is a sturdy and reliable charger built to withstand all types of weather conditions – from heat to cold, rain to snow – the rugged aluminum enclosure prevents damage from nature and natural elements.

The Blink Series 6 EV Charging Station is packed full of features that benefit both EV drivers and station owners. Interactive LED lights display your EV’s charging status at a glance, even showing if a station is available from across the parking lot. And, once a driver pulls up to a Blink Series 6 EV charging station, they have multiple methods to pay for charging, including:
• Blink RFID Cards
• Apple Pay & Google Wallet
• Blink Mobile App

The Series 6 comes with a single or dual pedestal configuration or a wall mount option. The recommended Cable Management System is an option that helps to keep your cables organized and safe.