Blink Series 7 Station (7.2kW-19.2kW)

The Blink Series 7 charging stations are powerful enough to charge your fleet or multi-unit property. They are fast Level 2 AC chargers featuring up to 80 amps of power to get your vehicles on the road quickly.

With a dual-port design, the Blink Series 7 allows two vehicles to charge simultaneously on the Universal J1772 plugs – able to charge all-electric or plug-in hybrid EVs (Tesla vehicles require an adapter). The NEMA 3R outdoor-rated enclosure allows flexible installation options, indoors or outdoors, with a compact form that allows for ideal placement, mounted on a wall or pedestal.

Standard 18-foot charging cables (or the optional 25-foot upgrade) can reach around any vehicle or between parking spaces. When connected to the Blink Network over 4G LTE they are unlocked to allow for advanced charger management capabilities such as the groups feature with customized charging policies, remote monitoring with 99% uptime, and 24/7 customer support for employees or residents.


Powering Fleet and Multi-Unit Facilities

The Blink Series 7 charging stations enable station owners to build the infrastructure needed to support an EV charging network, and the benefits that come with it. With its compact form, ease of installation, and commercial-grade aluminum body, the Blink Series 7 charging station is an ideal solution for your fleet or multi-unit facility.

Advanced tracking capabilities allow station owners to monitor charging intervals, vehicle charger utilization, and more. The Blink Series 7 features a 4-line LCD screen and LED array with multi-color visuals to facilitate a streamlined process for user interaction and to allow drivers to locate the chargers in dark situations. The Series 7 charging station is certified to be California Type Evaluation Program (CTEP) Compliant and Energy Star Compliant.

Paired with the convenience of an optional cable management system, the flexibility of multiple ways to start a charge, and multiple payment options the EV driver enjoys an intuitive charging experience from start to finish.