Mobile EV Charging Solutions

A mobile EV charging station, sometimes referred to as a portable EV charging station, is an electric vehicle charger that you can quickly move from location to location or vehicle to vehicle. 

It is different from a stationary EV charger as it can be moved and is soley designed for mobile charging of electric vehicles.  Mobile EV chargers can come in various sizes and power configurations.

There are many use cases where a mobile EV charging stations would be more beneficial than a fixed installation.  These include auto dealerships and fleet operators who have to charge many electric vehicles.  Bringing the charger to the car can save a lot of time and improve productivity, rather than having to get in each car and drive them to the charger only to have to get back in the car and move it back again and then repeat.  Other use cases can include service stations and event planners.

EVMO-60S $23,588.00 USD
EVMO-30S $21,012.00 USD